Western Sydney Wanderers Fans!!!!

So last weekend, my husband and I sat to watch the Western Sydney Wanderers play the semi final with our two boys snoring asleep on the couch. Let's just say it had to be the most frustrating, sad, exciting and satisfying game I have ever watched. I turned to my husband just as extra time was about to begin and made a promise that if WSW made it into the grand final, I would do a WSW final photo shoot.

In my family, we are WSW crazy, my three year old can sing just about all the RBB songs and now my eighteen month old son dances and hums the RBB ole ole song. For me, it is pure joy to see my 89 year old nonna get excited about the wanderers. Nonna Alma loves to go the games and she is just as crazy about WSW as my three year old son.

So here it is our adhoc WSW final craziness, tomorrow is going to be blast!!!!

Who do we sing for? WE SING FOR WANDERERS!!!!