Tubes are beautiful

Meet Charmain, she is a woman, she is a mum, she is a sister, she is NOT a tube, she is altruistic, she is not crowdfunding for herself. She is changing the landscape and lobbying the government to benefit ALL Gastroparesis sufferers.

Watch out Australia!

So let's talk, yes I am a newborn and family photographer, so why did I do this with Charmain? My answer = why not!

Charmain reached out to me, after I put a call out as I had a new lens that I wanted to play with. Charmain said to me that she wanted a shoot for herself and to raise awareness of this horrible disease called Gastroparesis. This is a snippet from Charmain's message,

"It's stuck to my face, which is what people see first, this has robbed me from going out in public and being social. I'm strong but not this strong. A photo-shoot would not only include me with my tube but, I want to change how tube feed people are viewed and show the world you can be beautiful with things that aren't their normal"

And that was it, I was hooked. I am a big believer in just knowing and for me, I just knew.

For Gastroparesis suffers in NSW, medication and supplies that keep them a live are not part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). In all other states in Australian states it is part of the PBS, why is NSW different? Let's change NSW Government policy and make lifesaving feeds and medication part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for Gastroparesis sufferers.


Here you go world, TUBES ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Special thank you to Heidi Ulcigrai (hairdresser) and Chloe Markovski Makeup (MUA) for your generosity

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