My Avô is the most hard working person I know, he has the best smile that fills his face, eyes that lightup when he tells stories and a laugh that causes others to laugh. All the grand-kids have the funniest memories from our childhood with Avô, with most surrounding a blue Torana he had when we were little.

Avô never ever ever lets me take photos of him, I normally have to hide people and then when he sees me I get in trouble with a face full of smile. However on Christmas Day he actually let me take a few quick snaps, he didn't walk away, I didn't get the scowling face with a smile behind it, he just sat there and let me take a few (I was however hiding in the shed were Avó makes bread), but still in Avô's way he let me take them. I love sitting out the back, under the vines near the chicken pen, I adore the light and how at home Avô is down there.