Cuddles and kisses are all that he wishes

When I met Carlene and Jase, they were absolutely glowing. What once was the journey of two became the adventure of three. Parenthood is a magical experience, especially when it's shared with your best friend.

Being a newborn photographer, you are always drawn to the baby because we get the cuddles. In this wonderful session I was lucky enough to find a special connection with Jase and Carlene. Watching them through the lens, I was lucky enough to see the little smiles they gave each other, but my fave was the look, that look they gave each other that was WOW we made this little wonderful human and my heart has tripled in size to allow not just new love for Aiden but new found love for my best friend. You can see it through the images.

One of fave moments from the session was the cuddles between Jase and Aiden. There's one photo of Aiden holding his thumb and Jase was so in the moment, "I don't want him to let go, I just want to be here" and from that I have this huge series of him cuddling, kissing and smelling Aiden.

Aiden, you are so loved and Carlene and Jase, always be each other's best friends.

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