what to look for in a newborn photographer

So…you are Expecting a Baby! Wonderful news, now how will you Choose your Newborn Photographer?

This most exciting time is filled with decisions. Pram, bassinet, cot, nappies etc etc…but most important, and the decision that you do not want to regret, choosing the professional newborn photographer to capture your beautiful baby.

Newborn photography is best booked in while you are pregnant because you will want your baby photographed in the first couple of weeks after they are born. Newborn babies change incredibly quickly, and are only tiny , curled up sleepy newborns for a short time.

So how to choose?

Do a search on google and you will come up with hundreds of ads for photographers…how do you know if they are any good? Will you be thrilled with the experience and your finished precious photographs? Because if you are not, then it might just be too late!

Here is my list of what to look for in a Newborn Photographer:

1. Does the Photographer Specialise in Newborn Photography?

Professional newborn photographers must be great photographers, and they must also know what they are doing with newborn babies. Working with tiny babies on a regular basis will mean that your photographer is practiced and experienced in safe posing, handling and caring for your baby. They are also likely to have a beautiful range of props and accessories available.

I have been operating as a dedicated newborn and baby studio in Wollongong for about 7 years. I will soon be opening my newly built studio which is fully set up for sessions, guaranteeing correct conditions such as light and room temperature. All props and accessories you see in my galleries are available for you.

2. Is the Photographer Experienced?

How long have they been photographing newborn babies? You will  pay more for a more experienced photographer but trust me, it is money well spent! It takes years of practice to become a confident newborn photographer. The more years in business, the more times they will have dealt with all sorts of situations.

Experienced newborn photographers won’t stress if your baby is awake or unsettled, they will know how to deal with fussy or irritable babies. In the end you do get what you pay for.

I have photographed hundreds of Wollongong newborn babies and have been called the ‘baby whisperer’ on many occasions. I often have parents ask if I can visit during the night to help settle their baby (sorry this isn’t a service I offer). Lots of my families have been coming to me for years and happily refer me onto their friends and family.

3. Is the Photographer running a Professional Business?

Is the photographer running a legitimate business? Are they insured? Are they a member of a professional body such as the AIPP? Is your photographer up to date with whooping cough and other vaccinations? 

Newborn and baby photography is a booming industry with lots of people calling themselves ‘professional’. It is so important that you can trust your newborn photographer, not only with the care and safety of your precious baby, but with the promise of a professional standard of work and finished products.

Nina Photography is registered for GST and is a registered business with the Australian Business Register

As a photographer I hold a current police clearance and working with children check.

I am an Associate member of the AIPP in Australia. The AIPP are Australia’s only Professional Photography governing body. As a member I am bound by a code of Professional Practice, and have attained my ‘Associates of Photography’ through the awards system.

I am proud to be a volunteer photographer for the Heartfelt Organisation.

For your peace of mind I am fully immunised, including a current whooping cough vaccination.

4. Do you Love their Work?

It’s an obvious question, isn’t it! There is quite an art to newborn photography and there are many different styles around. You want to make sure the photographer you choose will take photographs that you love! Take the time to check through their online galleries, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Is the style of their work consistent and do you love most of the images shown, and importantly, will you love them forever? There are lots of fads and new ideas but I believe simple and enduring images are the ones that we love for the longest.

At Nina Photography I use mostly neutral colours with natural props. My photography style is fairly simple, so that your baby is the focus of the images. I also encourage mums, dads and siblings to be involved in the photographs. Even though you will most probably be feeling a bit tired, it’s a great opportunity to have a photograph with your baby and family, and these photographs are often the most treasured.

I would always recommend choosing the best photographer you can afford. Newborn photographs, just like your wedding photos, will be cherished forever. It’s a unique opportunity to have your baby captured while they are so little and sweet.

My Accreditations 

  • Awarded by AIPP, APPA and Rise.   

  • AIPP accredited  

  • Fully compliant with safe newborn handling and posing  >Read more 

  • Infant and adult CPR certification 

  • Up to date boosters (includes whooping cough) 

  • Working with children certification 

  • Fully insured 


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