Josie | Sitter Session | Illawarra Children's Portraits | Nina Photography Studios (Wollongong)

After the Newborn Phase, the excitement dies out for so many, but this is so far from the truth. These little humans are constantly evolving and coming into their own. It was an absolute delight photographing Miss Josie again, she is such a happy little poppet and you cannot help but to smile along with her. She gave us cheeky smiles, stole everyone's attention and her giggles were just so infectious. We could not believe how much she has changed from her newborn session.

Josie is very inquisitive. She loved exploring around the studio and the textures of the flokati rug, especially rolling on it - it was so ticklish and cute. She has really come into her own and her personality is taking form. The giggles, the facials and her aura is just too special for it not to be shared.

We absolutely adored photographing this milestone in her life and cannot wait to continue seeing the evolution of this little poppet.

Josie wore outfits from our wardrobe, click here to have a peak

Sitter sessions can be taken from 6-11 months when they are able to sit unaided.

Book your sitter session today with us, send us an email or call us in the studio on 42 08 2089 (Weekdays 9AM - 2PM).

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