Ryley | Fine Art Portraiture

What Is Fine Art Portrait Photography?

Let’s start with what fine art photography isn’t. It’s not a photograph capturing an event or a memory without artistic motivation. It’s not photojournalism.

This style of photography stands in contrast to documentary-style photojournalism in which subjects and events are captured to represent reality.

Fine art portrait photography delivers maximum impact and depicts emotion in a vivid and distinctive style. These portraits are timeless and capture the essence of the subject’s character in a vision created by the photographer.

Ryley's steel blue stare enticed the lens. His eye's speak to you and tempt you to look a little closer. Shadow positioning, artful & thoughtfully deliberate hand editing, posture and hand placement, evoke a curious nature, alluring your adventurous and curious senses - who is this boy? what fires burn beneath those eyes? i wonder... i wonder... you wonder?

Here are some of our favs from Ryley's session.

Be adventurous. Be creative. And become a timeless piece of art with Nina Photography Studios.

Fine Art Portraiture sessions available here.

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