Being judged pushes boundaries

Two years ago, was my very first Australian Professional Photography awards. In true creative form, I was battling with whether my work was worthy and what images to enter.

A big part of this process is the “Why”. Why do it, why put yourself through the stress?

I can only open the door to my heart as to my why. It’s not to be able to call myself an award-winning photographer [although it’s nice]. I do it for me, my creative process and my end product for clients. The things I have learnt from the AIPP and the awards process, goes beyond anything I’ve learnt in a class room, workshop or podcast.

My awards and AIPP journey, have taught me to photograph and create with my soul, to push the boundaries of the rules, to be ok with being on the fringe with an image. But most of all, it has taught me to look at my craft with fifty sets of eyes and see what they see. Look beyond the face in front of me, and question, ‘have I told their story?’, ‘have I pushed it just enough for them to be able to resonate with that person they see?’.

In the words of a very very wise friend “the awards process will either make you bitter and better”, and ever since those words smashed me in my gut, I am determined to become better, with each and every step.

2018 Australian Professional Photography Awards Sienna 80 Silver Award Zara 82 Silver Award Lily 75 Professional Practice Gabriella & Mackenzie 78 Professional Practice

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