Are family portraits still worthwhile?

Family portraits are most definitely still worthwhile. We’re living in the iPhone era, were we have our phones on us 24/7, so we’ve got a camera handy at all times. But people don’t make the most of all those photos they take.

It’s one thing to take photos almost every day of your kids, but it’s another to take the time to regularly download them to your computer and delete the terrible or average photos, and sort the great photos from the good and actually print some.

You’re all too busy! Especially parents.

I do a bit better at staying on top of digital photos (it’s my job!). And yet, I still invest in a family portrait every year.

I do this because a) I’m a Mum, so I’m usually behind the lens; b) I’m a photographer, so I’m usually behind the lens and c) my kids are only going to be kids for such a short time, and I want to capture that.

I’m not talking matching white T-shirts in front of a pastel wall. The family portraits I capture and the ones I commission for my family, are natural, outdoor shoots somewhere in the Illawarra, where everyone can just relax and have fun. Even the dog.

Yearly family photos may be a stretch for most people, however, I would still recommend a family portrait very three years or so when the kids are young and every five years or so once they’re all grown up.

In any professional photography session, there’s going to one hands down favourite image. Frame that one and put it somewhere you can enjoy it, every day. You won’t regret it.

Natalie x

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