How to capture the whole story.

We love to curate these memories for our Illawarra families and am humbled they call Nina Photography the 'best newborn photographer in Wollongong'.

Servicing Wollongong and the greater Illawarra region, we have your entire story covered. The journey begins with meeting your award winning photographer Natalie at your maternity session. With a vast knowledge of some perfect local gems or a soft light-filled studio session, your photography vision is divinely delivered.

"I’m yet to meet a couple who don’t feel just a little loved up during our maternity session! Whether you’re growing your little family of two or adding to your brood  - pregnancy is such a special time.

Give yourselves a minute to slow down, catch your breath and just be. And let me be there so I can capture you together in those last weeks, just before your baby (or babies!) arrive."

Trust us when we book your session time, the golden hour of the late afternoon / every evening is the best time to for Maternity Photography outdoors. We have this down to an artform and are constantly evolving within the industry and our craft.

"Being a photographer is part of my life's work, it is interesting to me that just a simple tool [my camera] allows me access and privilege into so many families, inner circles, and precious journeys.

Being a caring human being who is blessed to create with her camera is sometimes just not enough

for the red tape."

Natalie is at the forefront of reform within the birth space, birthing mothers rights and advocating for care centred birthing that is inclusive of imagery inside theatre for the purposes of cesarean section births. You never see or hear her, but you know Natalie is always there with her positive vibe and quietly cheering you on.....[and taking photos]

" I felt so supported having Nat there, because my partner was right by my sides instead of taking photos.

She is the best Wollongong photographer and now, a true and treasured friend."

Thousands of tiny toes have graced our studio. Our experience, plus our homegrown hospitality and customer service, means we have your needs covered in those fuzzy first weeks.


When you arrive for your newborn session you’ll find a calm, relaxed environment that’s all about you. From parking to refreshments to toys for older kids, your experience here is as important to us as the images we capture for you.

We look forward to creating some gorgeous memories for you and your family!

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