how to prepare siblings for a newborn photography session

A newborn photography session with a brand new sister or brother can be challenging for siblings. Some siblings adore their new brother or sister while others take a little longer to warm up to the idea.

Adjusting to a new baby brother or sister can be a rough road for children under the age of three. Part of them desires the connection that they remember having and another part wants autonomy and independence.

So how does a newborn photographer get the most heartwarming newborn and sibling images during such an emotional time for siblings? The best newborn photographers:

  • Don’t just take photos, they create an experience for everyone.

  • Plan in advance and ask for information about the people they will be photographing.

  • Have a well oiled game plan.

  • Have the necessary editing skills to combine separate newborn and sibling images together if your child is having difficulty adjusting to their new role.

  • Provide parents with insight of what to expect behind the scenes and help families fully prepare for the experience.

Family newborn photography is a team effort between me and you. Here are my top five tips for parents thinking about combining family and newborn photography:

  1. Organise a maternity session, we don’t just beautiful images of your pregnancy, it’s the best experience for siblings to get to know me and we make a connection. Then by the time bub arrives they know me, my face, my voice and nutty nature. These relationships are immensely important to get the most out of our time together.

  2. In the questionnaire I send you, load me up with as much information you can think of. The more in my toolkit the better.

  3. Take the time to read our session guide, its designed to fully prepare you and make the experience as effortless as possible.

  4. For the two weeks prior to your session talk about photos alot, use my name. "I am excited to see Natalie for photos with baby". Then when you arrive for your session, give me a huge hug, this is what I call the transfer of trust, then in turn they trust me.

  5. Avoid rely on other peoples experiences as an indicator of what to expect from your newborn and siblings. Each family moments are unique and each newborn and sibling is different.

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