the importance of capturing your newborn

Welcoming a brand new baby into the world is such a wonderful and life-changing experience. There is no greater joy than holding your sweet little newborn baby and looking at their face for the very first time. Overwhelmed with emotion and love, knowing that you just created the greatest gift that life has to give. That is what makes newborn photography so important, we capture and preserve that moment for families, for years to come.

As a newborn photographer, capturing these moments are just as important to me as they are to you, the family. There are no words that can describe for you how deeply in love you will be with that tiny little person. There is however, ways to capture just how deeply in love your family is with the newest member. Connection – emotion – joy – pride and love, these are all things that are captured in once single image and these are the moments that make newborn photography so important. There is no better way to hold onto the memory of your baby’s gorgeous little features, teeny tiny fingers and toes, then to have professional newborn photography with your family during this time. The memories that will be created for you at Nina Photography will not only be cherished by you the family, but will be an amazing keepsake and family heirloom for many generations to come.

Many years from now, you’ll be looking back at these newborn photographs so that you can remember how little your baby was and how that moment made you feel, when he had just arrived and everything was new again. Yeah, friends and family can snap pics here and there of you at the hospital, while you were still pregnant and the day bubs arrived, but having a professional take these photographs of you, allowing you and your family to have that moment together is a truly beautiful and magical experience. I love seeing parents sitting on the couch watching and talking to each other about how cute their little baby looks, nudging each other, having a smile and in complete awe at what they had just created together. Now that is something special and so very important in this life milestone.

Having those beautiful family portraits taken so soon after your little one was born will allow you and your family to constantly revisit those first moments you shared together as a family for years to come.

Just imagine sitting together with your now grown up child perusing through a collection of priceless and absolutely beautiful photographs telling them how much you absolutely adored them and instantly fell in love with them the first moment you laid eyes on them. Well you probably won’t have to tell them as the images will speak volumes themselves. Being able to show them just how loved and precious they were as a newborn baby is such a priceless moment.

Discover your newborn photography.