the supposed “10 day rule” for newborn photography

Being super transparent, we are referring to posed newborn photography; baby all nice and curled up into adorably intricate poses in props. It is widely published that newborns “should” be photographed within 10 days of life.

Why ten days?

A newborn really has almost 300 bones & cartilage pieces, which is what makes it so easy for them to squish in Mum. Epic human magic begins to fuse those pieces to calcified bones at approximately 10-14 days. It is much more comfortable for baby to be wrapped into the adorable little balls like the womb pose, while they have the luxury of flexibility.

Nina Photography recommends scheduling your newborn photography session after you have had a few days to enjoy baby and determine their feeding needs. If it is possible to have bubba photographed in the first two weeks of life, we are more likely to create the curly, sleepy images you see in my work. In saying that, each baby is different, and we work with them to make them comfortable, happy and adorable in their photographs.

Is there really a difference?

Development of hearing, bone structure and even sensitivity to touch increase with the magic of newborn life. Yes, newborn photos after two weeks is possible, we adjust our process and opt for poses and concepts that suit your baby. Don’t be discouraged by “the 10 days rule” that really is not a rule. Below are images for you to see our work based on age.

baby Sophia - 10 days

baby Hymani - 3 weeks

baby WillowMae - 5 weeks

baby Evan - 6 weeks

baby Samuel - 7 weeks


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