what is fine art portraiture?

What is Fine Art Portraiture by Nina? Well, I'm glad you asked. Fine Art Portraiture is my newest photography package and it's one that gets my creative juices flowing and makes my heart full.

Inspired by UK photographer Paulina Duczman, I started experimenting with this new style and began tinkering away in the depths of my Illawarra studio to perfect it. Let's just say my family is pretty well documented now!

Fine Art Portraiture by Nina is not easy to define, because it's so unusual, but here goes...

Q. How would you put Fine Art Portraiture by Nina into words?

A. Love. Soul. Heart. Bare. Raw. Emotion.

Q. How about a few more words?

A. Fine art portraiture is about me being an artist and drawing out the essence of a person. using directional lighting to light the subject, combined with other digital techniques mainly focused on drawing you into their eyes, which creates an emotive quality in my portraits.

My fine art portraiture is usually dark, which really paints the focus on the subject. I have achieved some amazing results with lighter fine art portraits, but I prefer a darker palette: it's moody and more ethereal.

Q. What makes your fine art portraiture unique?

A. It's my approach: I don't just style and shoot and call 'next'. I work with my client or my client's parents (I'm capturing a lot of kids at the moment) on the entire look, all the way to hairstyling, because I want it to feel true to who the subject is. I'm happy on the grittier side of fine art portraits, drawing you into what I see.

I have an amazing repertoire of vintage clothes, but my fine art portraiture is not about dress ups. It's about stripping away modernity to reveal who someone is at their core, without distractions or revealing or showy clothing. It's also a bit different, a bit quirky and it's somewhat timeless.

And once the look and feel of the shoot is right, I just wait. I wait until we connect and they let their guard down and just relax - these are the moments when they show who they really are. It's beautiful to see, actually.

From a technical point of view, the judges at the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) say things like my portraits are very emotive. I've won three awards there far, which has been amazing.

Q. Who is Fine Art Portraiture by Nina for?

A. Well, it's not for everyone, that's for sure - it's actually quite polarising. You either love my fine art portraiture or you don't. Like art, it's quite subjective. And, you won't see a lot of fine art portraiture in Wollongong, so it's new for many people.

Fine art portraiture is for those looking for something special to hang on their walls. I work with young teenagers through to five year olds, whose parents have invested in newborn and baby and family photography and keepsakes and now want something a bit different as their child gets older.

Q. Any last words?

A. I'll just say, I pour my heart and soul into my fine art portraiture. I really do. I want these images to mean something for years to come.

For me as the creator, they must resonate with the individual. It's important that they feel that it is a true representation of themselves, rather than what others see. It's a privilege to capture that vulnerability.

Natalie x

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